CoffeeBot VIP Card

Best coffee deals! It's even more affordable with Coffeebot VIP card!

Terms & Conditions

- For personal use: Individual may purchase one (1) CoffeeBot VIP Card at a time
- CoffeeBot Gift Card: Individual may purchase multiple CoffeeBot VIP Card as a gift to your friends/family; receiver’s name, e-mail and contact number is required to fill in.
- CoffeeBot Loyalty Rewards grants you the right to purchase and top up CoffeeBot VIP Card. The specific benefit of CoffeeBot VIP Card is subject to availability and change.
- CoffeeBot Holdings Sdn Bhd does not charge any additional fees for the use or reloading of your CoffeeBot VIP Card
- CoffeeBot VIP Card is not exchangeable for cash or points. Any unused balance cannot be funded.
- CoffeeBot VIP Card is strictly non-transferable to other member or account
- Individual is responsible for all transaction made on CoffeeBot VIP Card
- CoffeeBot VIP Card valid for a lifetime with no expiry date
- CoffeeBot VIP Card will be automatically transferred to ‘History’ once the credit value has been fully utilized. Top-up is available to reactive your CoffeeBot VIP Card.
- CoffeeBot VIP Card is applicable at selected CoffeeBot Vending machine in Malaysia
- CoffeeBot Holdings Sdn Bhd reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions at its absolute discretion without prior notice

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Pay Only MYR

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